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Welcome! ヽ(o^▽^o)ノ
Here you'll be able to see examples of my work and price quotes!
Please note that I might not accept your Request due to various reasons and if that's the case I sincerely apologize!!


Be sure to read my T.O.S before requesting a Commission!
Thank you!

Most recent Works:

How to order/get on the Waitlist:
There are now 4 ways to contact me regarding Commissions.
2) dm me either on Twitter (@HiyoooriA),
3) Discord (Hiyooori#7420) or
4) send an E-Mail to: [email protected]

Please include the following Details in your DM/E-Mail:

  • Type of Commission (Emotes, Live2d Art OR Rigging, Illustration (Icon, Bust-up, Half-, or Full-body; click here to see the Guide-Image), Character Design, Commercial Commission)

  • Reference of the Character

  • Personality Traits of said Character

  • [OPTIONAL] Any additional Details I should keep in mind or you want me to add

  • Should it stay a secret or is it ok to show/work on it on Stream?

  • Your Twitter, Twitch, Discord or Instagram Username (to make the Communication easier!)

Commission Info, Examples and Pricing
all Prices are in EUR


1 Emote: 12,50
3 Emotes: 30,00
5 Emotes: 55,00
10 Emotes: 110,00
Sub Badge: 10,00
5 Sub Badges: 45,00

VTube Models

Half-body: 225,00
Full-Body: 300,00
Chibi: 150,00
Half-Body: 100,00
Full-Body: 200,00
2 in 1 Packs
Fullbody Art+Rig: 420,00
Chibi Art+Rig: 250,00


Icon: 15,00
Bust-up: 25,00
Half-Body: 40,00
Full-Body: 70,00
Chibi: 50,00

click here to see the Guide-Image)

Character Design

base Price: 30,00


Short Stories and Oneshots
[click down below to see an Example]

Base Price 200 - 250 Words: 15,--
Additional Cost per 50 Words: 5,--

Art Gallery





Character Design


Short Stories & Oneshots

Suddenly, she heard a bell ring. Loud, way too loud. It had to be somewhere near her but all she could see was black. All she could hear was that bell, calling for her.
Craving for her to come near it. She didn't know why, couldn't remember why she was in this current situation but there was no way out. Something, someone had caught her.

Locked her in like a wild animal, as if she'd attack anyone of those dear to this poor, little child. Chains were rustling, the tiny body caged up in this endless darkness caughed helplessly.
Violet orbs hidden underneath her heavy eyelids slowly showed themselves, trying to see.. Well, anything.
But there was nothing. Nothing she could do to escape this situation but to wait for a wonder to happen.
This, and this bell to stop ringing in her ears. If only her arms weren't chained up, she'd try to lift them. Try to ease the pain of this loud ringing noise that made her feel dizzy.
What'd happened to her to end up in such a bizzare situation, she couldn't remember.As if someone had erased all her memories, it was all just gone. Nothing, not even her own name remained. And the fact, that she was stuck in this cell, chained up, not able to move a finger or else her whole body would hurt.

  • Please, may you be a common Chatter in my Streams, Lurker, random Stranger or a dear and close Friend of mine, always respect my TOS. I won't make exceptions since it wouldn't be fair for other people.

  • You're not allowed to resell, use it as an NFT, feed it to an AI or use it for any other actions that'd give you profit. (Commercial Commissions for Merch etc. can be discussed).

  • Credit is always required.

  • before requesting a Commission, please be sure to have a clear Reference ready!

  • My schedule is busy and changes all the time, please be warned.

  • I'm slow but put a lot of effort, detail and passion into my Art.

  • I will still be able to decline and/or cancel your Request whenever without stating any reason.

  • If you can't be patient or just ignore me highlighting that I possibly will need a long time to finish your Request, please refrain from commissioning me.

  • Cancelling your Commission after you've approved the Sketch will put you onto the Blacklist and you'll NOT get a Refund. I only accept Payment after the Sketch is done.

  • Please don't assume that I'm not working on your Commission or prioritising others. I'm trying my very best to always work on something.

  • The general file-size you'll receive depends on your Type of Request.

  • - Emotes: 500px

  • - Illustrations: 3.000px for Headshots, 7.000px for Fullbody's

  • - VTube Models: ~10.000px

  • - Commercial Commission: original file Size (mostly about 4.000/5.000px for Headshots, 10.000px for Fullbody)

  • depending on your Request, your Commission could take six(6) - maximum ten(10) weeks

  • Payment is via Paypal, Payoneer or Ko-fi only

  • Payment for Live2d Art and/or Rigging is upfront

  • No Refunds

  • Prices are WITHOUT Commercial Use EXCEPT the ones for Live2d (dm me for more Info!)

  • any Commercial Use is +100% of the base price

  • I don't work with Deadlines

  • with agreeing to the Information above, you also consent that I can work on it on Stream and use your commission as examples of my work on my Portfolio

  • If you don't want me to share the progress of your Commission, please clarify it in dm's!

  • Weaknesses: Male Characters, Mecha, Furry, detailed Backgrounds, mild(!!) NSFW

  • I don't draw extremely detailed Backgrounds, heavy NSFW, offensive Themes or something that I'm uncomfortable with

Commercial Commissions* are +100% of the base price
this will allow you to make a Sticker, Charm, Pin or Print out of it
All prices - except Live2d - exclude Commercial Use
Costs will be applied depending on the Details/Worktime/additional Revisions.
All prices are in EUR

1. Emotes

  • 1 Emote: 12,50

  • 5 Emote Pack: 55,00

  • 10 Emote Pack: 110,00

  • animated Emote: 15,00

  • 1 Badge: 10,00

  • 5 Sub Badge Pack: 45,00

2. Live2D
(already includes commercial use)

  • Fullbody: 300,00

  • Halfbody: 225,00

  • Chibi Model: 180,00

  • Rigging [Halfbody]: 100,00

  • Rigging [Fullbody]: 200,00

  • 2 in 1 Package [Fullbody]: 420,00

  • 2 in 1 Package [Chibi]: 250,00

3. Illustrations

  • Icon/Headshot: 25,00

  • Halfbody: 40,00

  • Fullbody: 70,00

  • Chibi: 50,00

4. Character Design

  • Character Design Sketch: 30,00

5. animated Illustrations

  • Halfbody cut apart Illustration: 90,00

  • Fullbody cut apart Illustration: 110,00

  • animating an Illustration: 70,00

  • 2 in 1 Package [Fullbody]: 140,00

6. Writing

  • Base Price 200 - 250 Words: 15,00

  • Additional Cost per 50 Words: 5,00

* Commercial Commissions give you all Rights to the Artwork, Character, Character Design. You are then allowed to make Merch out of/with it and make profit off of it.
Additional costs will be applied depending on the amount of Details
It still does not allow you to sell the Design or the Artwork itself again or make an NFT out of it